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Astrology Readings & On-line Astrology Lessons using your Natal Chart

VirgoUsing Astrology As A Guide To Inner Exploration

Chart Interpretation
Focus is on providing inspiration and insight

Using celestial wisdom, my reading of your zodiac chart will energize your dreams. Together we'll look at how the stars align to encourage your well-being, personal and emotional understanding, and your success.

Available Chart Interpretations:

  • Natal
  • Transit
  • Relationship Charts

Learn Astrology:

Jump start your astrological practice with an online class with Kooch, author of Tarot D'Amour (Redwheel Weiser). Quickly expand your understanding of the astrology with one on one discussions. For beginner or advanced students.

Benefits from taking these classes:

  • Receive individualized instruction and personal support.
  • Learn astrology with the questions of your choosing.
  • Study at your comfortable pace, in your own space.
  • Learn to understand your chart in a personal language which will simplify your practice and accelerate learning.

Below are the class sections:
..... Section One: Laying The Foundation for Learning About Natal Charts.
......Section Two: Interpreting Zodiac Houses.
..... Section Three: Interpreting Planets.
......Section Four: Analysing The Natal Chart.

In these classes we will interpret the meaning of your personal zodiac chart in relation to planets, sun signs, the natural horoscope, and your own associations with symbols. We will also practice intuitively "reading" your own chart as a tool for inner exploration and for reflection on your thoughts, feelings, decisions, and actions in your daily life.

astrology classWe will use your charts for discussion, unless you want to use another. If you don't have your horoscope, I can create one for you.

Workshops encourage emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being, inner awareness and personal success.

You'll be encouraged to listen to your intuitive voice and nourish your inner spirit, and be given practical knowledge to help you fine-tune your understanding of astrological symbols. Meditation and visualizations are used as supportive guides to assist your lessons.

If you're interested in these on-line classes, send your name & e-mail address to Kooch at


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