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• ebook, pages + or - 76
• Publisher: Lucky4Me
• Language: English
• eISBN 9781623095079
• Available at your favorite E-book retailer

Luminous Qualities of Consciousness

Understanding The Seven Ancient Planets
And Two Nodes Of The Moon

Illustrations By Master Sacred Artist, Pieter Weltevrede

Interpretive Text By Kooch N. Daniels

"Learning about the energies associated with the planets allows you to dive into the known and unknown recesses of the psyche and better understand human dynamics."


Planet interpretations are accompanied with relevant sacred art.

In depth, but easy to understand discussion of the seven ancient planets.

Explanations include both their worldly and spiritual significance.

Interpretations are significant to both Eastern and Western astrological traditions.

Planetary perspectives lay a foundation for a meaningful reading of the horoscope.

It provides essential keyword links and insightful interpretations.

It offers questions and exercises to give you a real life connection with the planets.


“The art is amazing!”
“This book has helped me understand how to better relate to my horoscope.”
“I feel so lucky to have found this book. It's a true treasure.”
"It's given me a clarity to get what the planets are really about."

A note from reader, Lila Welchel

"You'll be so glad you have Sacred Wisdom Of The Planets. Besides that I love the art, it helped me connect on a personal level to the information being presented. Above all, it gave me a deep understanding of the planets."


Pieter Weltevrede

Pieter Weltevrede's powerful images are a reflection of the wisdom of ancient Indian sages as taught to him over decades by the late temple artist and Tantric scholar Harish Johari.  Pieter’s vibrant art can be used as a meditative path that leads to an understanding the planets on a level that extends beyond words.


Kooch N. Daniels is a life long professional intuitive, who has given many thousands of horoscope readings.
For more information or to get a horoscope reading online, by phone, or in person: Kooch's Readings link.
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