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• Hardcover,  272 pages
• Publisher: Schiffer; 1 edition (November 28, 2016)
• Language: English
• ISBN-10 0764351869
• ISBN-13 0764351869
• Available soon at your favorite bookstore

By Kooch and Victor Daniels
The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot & Psychology

Journey through a unique Tarot resource that presents thought-provoking methods to help bridge the worlds between Tarot readers and psychology counselors, psychotherapists, personal coaches, and healers. Convey depth and incisiveness to both tarot readings and therapeutic sessions by making them more engaging and useful. Find out how to give “representational readings” and learn to select cards that represent issues with others or within the reader. Discover a technique of laying cards in “emotional stacks” that can be used in both readings and counseling sessions to view what lies beneath the surface of consciousness, and then gain knowledge of how to open realms of new possibilities. You will encounter blended traditional symbolic Tarot coupled with modern psychological practices that integrate the use of visual imagery via distinctive tools and approaches. Develop a broader psychological background, new methods, and insights for your Tarot readings  


……Like Kooch and Victor themselves, their book is fun, creative, deep, and full of usable information and ways to immediately engage with the cards to enhance self-knowledge. It is written in a way that allows both psychotherapists and Tarot readers to use its information and exercises with equal ease. With great pleasure and anticipation, I invite you now to open this book and look inside at yourself.

Elinor Greenberg, PhD, CGP

Co-Chair of Program Committee at the New York Institute for Gestalt Therapy

Testimonies of what some others have to say:

Tarot at a Crossroads: The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot & Psychology by Kooch N. Daniels and Victor Daniels is a distinctive new Tarot book that combines the use of Tarot readings with visual imagery for healing, and their understanding of psychology, the authors unpack a wealth of knowledge for Tarot readers, counselors, therapists, psychotherapists, life coaches and more. Tarot readers will gain powerful, accurate and deep intuitive understanding which has yet to be revealed in any other books or writings on the subject of the Tarot. It is a remarkable resource which will help the Tarot reader and the relationship with their client. The authors discuss how to make readings more effective by explaining how to reveal the feelings, thoughts and impressions that give way to the first reactions a client might have to a card. By use of psychology, and the understanding of it, the book relates how the Tarot reader can much more effectively help a client and how each of the cards uniquely applies to them. This can bring a more accurate, helpful and real way to assist them with their past and present issues, bring healing, understanding, hope and direction for a positive, bright self-guided future. Along with some unique new methods, Tarot readers will discover interesting and helpful new spreads which will fully add depth and new dimensions to their readings.
As well as this book being a great resource for psychologists, therapists and other professionals who assist clients in their mental, emotional and situational life issues, Tarot at a Crossroads can also be used for the beginner card reader. It tells the various meanings of the cards and how they apply, how to do readings, use in meditation and inner therapy work. There is a section on the use of Tarot and imagery for couples and groups.
By the clever and brilliant concept of combining, the much needed psychological aspect with the use of the Tarot cards, the authors bring a new idea and sheds new light on how to create interpretations that are personal and meaningful. This engaging book, filled with knowledge, intuition and authenticity, certainly will be beneficial for individual use, families and couples and especially for professionals. The 208 bright and interesting images in this hardcover book are very enjoyable, rare and evoked some deep emotions within me. I am by no means a Tarot card reader or a therapist, but for me, this book brought up some very thought-provoking questions, ideas and new found understanding. I would recommend Tarot at the Crossroads by Kooch N. Daniels and Victor Daniels to all those who have always wondered about them and would like to learn more, Tarot readers, professionals in the psychology field, therapists, life coaches and the list could go on. I believe after reading this book, Tarot at the Crossroads is a must read book for anyone interested in the subject of Tarot and the art and intuition of card reading – and for professionals in the field of psychology. This book was a very unique journey which I thoroughly enjoyed. Purchase Tarot at a Crossroads: The Unexpected Meeting of Tarot & Psychology by Kooch N. Daniels & Victor Daniels today!

I LOVE this book! The interpretations have been right on and there is a ton of relevant information about each card, as well as a very informative introductory section about tarot. What makes this book stand out, though, is that its comprehensive card interpretations are not just rehashed material of what is already out there.
By Reader in Wisc.


Kooch N. Daniels, a professional reader for more than four decades, and her partner Victor Daniels PhD, Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Sonoma State University have worked together to develop unique Tarot/Gestalt healing techniques for readers, therapists,​ and counselors.

For more information about Tarot at a Crossroads click here: Tarot at a Crossroads.com
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