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Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology,
Hand Writing Analysis

For Person To Person Telephone Readings

Email mysticarts4u@yahoo.com or call 707 876 1980 for an appointment or more information.



Please go to any of your favorite bookstores or Amazon to order
Insightful New Age books and chakra oracle deck


Party Entertainment

For events in the San Francisco Bay Area, we provide interactive fun with inspirational value.  For testimony & more information, please go to: www.cybermystic.com/partyentertainment.html



On-line Classes and Events

        Tarot, Palmistry, Chakra Workshops, Talks, and Coaching Opportunities
For more info, please email Kooch @ mysticarts4u@yahoo.com or check her blog:

Mystic Spirit Love Oracle


Other Ordering Options:

For more information by phone: call   707 876 1980, or email Kooch at above Online Classes address

To order signed books by Kooch and order by mail:

                   Make check or money order payable to:  Kooch Daniels

                  Include product name & quantity desired

                  When ordering books, please include $7.00 for shipping charge.


                   Send check or money order to:

                   P.O. Box 133

                  Bodega, Ca. 94922

By mail:

PO Box 133
Bodega, CA

By phone: (707) 876 1980